Event - terms & conditions


By signing up for this event I agree to the following:
Personal data will be processed for this event, by the choice of the event organizer The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, 791 80 Falun.

Purpose of processing personal data: To be able to invite for future symposium and follow up with relevant information after the symposium.

I own the personal data I provide as part of this registration. I do however grant a temporary copy of the registration details to the event organizer which will be removed 18 months after the event has ended.

I also have the right to request my personal data to be removed prior to the above mentioned anonymization date by contacting the event organizer.

I understand that Ted Retorikstudio and the event organizer may contact me via email and other forms of messaging that I approve in order for me to be able to attend the event. I understand that I am fully responsible for any data I provide to the event (text and images etc).


‍Removal of my data
‍You can at any time have your personal data removed from the event, prior to the automatic anonymization date, by contacting the event organizer. You can also have other personal data removed, accessible only to you, by contacting Ted Retorikstudio support.

‍Respecting my data
‍Ted Retorikstudio will never use your personal data for marketing purposes nor will your data ever be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. We take pride into making sure you own your own data and that your personal data is never shared without your consent.

‍Providing personal data outside of registration
‍The data you share with event organizers as part of an event registration will automatically be removed once the anonymization date has passed. This process also ensure that the other data you provide during an event becomes anonymous, since no one knows who provided the data.

It is therefore important to understand that any data you provide outside of the actual registration is provided under your own responsibility.

If you, for example, choose to post personal data, such as your complete home address or social security number in an event chat, it is not possible for Ted Retorikstudio or the event organizer to anonymize that data.

‍Using, not abusing.
‍You are responsible for the data you post during the event. The same laws that apply anywhere on the Internet with regards to what you can legally say/write/post, also apply within the platform used.

‍Event communication
‍The event organizers can communicate event information to you, for the duration of the event, to your email account.

Contact to event organizer, The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, contact person: Sara Kvarfordh: sara.kvarfordh@mwp.org

Contact to Ted Retorikstudio: Ted Retorikstudio Bovägen 27, 181 43 Lidingö, ola.bringle@tedretorik.se